General Conditions:


After receipt of the tenancy agreement, the tenant pays 30 % of the rent with a minimum of € 100 by return of post. The rest of the rent, the deposit and other costs will have to be paid at last 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period.

After receipt of the balance will send you the information about your holiday house (address, name contact person, itinerary, etc). The key remains the letter's property. In case of loss, theft or any other reason why the key is not available any more, the tenant owes the letter the sum of € 100.

If the balance is not paid within the agreed term, will have the right to cancel the reservation. The cancellation conditions (see below) will remain in full force. Please keep in mind that you will have to share the swimming pool with the tenant of the adjacent house if you don't rent the entire block.

Maximum number of persons

It is neither permitted to move into a house with more persons than agreed by the reservation, nor to allow other guests to spend the night in or near the house (tent or camper) without preceding explicit permission of the owner. In France this is considered 'camping sauvage' or camping wild. In case of non-observance of this condition, the entire deposit sum will be withheld. If an entire block is rented, the furniture must not be mixed. Pets are not allowed.


For each change of a reservation as far as the number of persons or the payment agreement is concerned, may charge administrative expenses. If the tenant desires to book another house or to change the period, this will be considered a cancellation.


For each house the tenant will pay a deposit :

*beforehand together with te payment of the last part of the rent; you will receive this deposit sum back on your bank account 2 weeks after your departure from the house.

Any damage to the house or the furniture will be deducted from the deposit. If the house is not clean at your departure, cleaning costs may be deducted as well. 

Arrival and departure

Arrival between 4 and 8 p.m.  Departure at last at 10 a.m.  Other times may be agreed with the owner.

Change day

Saturday is change day, but depending on the season (mid and low season) and after agreement with the owner, this may also be another day.

Caretaking, damage and additional costs

Access to the rented house can be refused to persons who don't behave as good tenants. You are expected to show respect for the house and the garden. If anything breaks down, please immediately report it to the owner. You are responsible for any caused damage.

The (covered) swimming pool must not be used during the low season. It might cause serious damage.

Additional costs (electricity, heating, etc ...) in the low season will be deducted from the deposit.


At the arrival the tenant will check if everything is all right. In this way any shortcomings, failures or defects can be reported and repaired immediately. The reports must be made immediately after your arrival (within 12 hours) otherwise you are responsible for any damage.

Legal responsability

The tenant is responsible for any damage caused during the rental period (including fire and suchlike). For this reason almost all Belgian and Dutch fire insurance companies have a foreign countries coverage in their policies.

Cancellation by the tenant

In case of cancellation more than 42 days before the beginning of the rental period, 30 % of the rent (with a minimum of € 100) will be due.

In case of cancellation between 42 days and 28 days before the beginning of the rental period, 60 % of the rent will be due. In case of cancellation between 28 days and the day before the beginning of the rental period, 90 % of the total rent will be due.

In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or later (or in case of premature termination of the stay) the entire rent will be due.

Therefore a cancellation insurance is well-advised.

Cancellation by

If is obliged to cancel a house reservation (e.g. in case of extreme drought, fire(s), flooding, interruptions of water or electricity supply, etc) the tenant will be informed as soon as possible and one or more alternatives will be proposed if possible. If the tenant however cannot accept an alternative, will refund the sum that has already been paid by the tenant. Though the tenant cannot make responsible for any other costs.

Liability of is responsible for a smooth execution of the tenancy agreement. If this agreement cannot, or can only partially be executed because of force majeure (natural  calamities, nuclear reactions, fire, war, etc) or other causes for which cannot be blamed, will not bear any responsibility. is not responsible for loss, theft, damage or harm to any of the tenant's personal belongings to the holiday house or to its inventory.